May 5, 2014

Nude lipstick

Nude shades are back in makeup and in particular lipstick.

Cosmetic ads are featuring lips like this:

marin /

This is a shade I used to wear sometimes in my twenties. Cue nostalgia shot: me swanning around Santorini, wearing pale creamy lipstick, oversized sunnies, black platform sandals and a black swing dress. I thought I looked pretty hot.

The one I used to wear was a Gerlain Kiss Kiss (my first expensive lipstick) in a pale, pale fawn shade. I bought a second one when it ran out, and then the shade was discontinued and fashion moved on.

So recently I had a sudden urge to try a nude lipstick. Being older and poorer, I bypassed my old favourite makup retailers Gerlain and Estee Lauder, and headed for the supermarket.

I picked up this, which I thought would probably suit most people, including me.

WRONG! It does not suit me at all. I think of my skin as fairly pale, but it is not as pale as it was, these days. Wearing this lipstick makes my skin look dark, wrinkly and blotchy.

I guess I'm not twenty-five anymore.

But all is not lost.  I have found that if I wear this lipstick and then apply a red balm on top, I get a lovely shimmery pinky-caramel shade which is much nicer.

It also makes a good cream eye shadow.


  1. Clever save of an otherwise wasted purchase.
    The incredible difference in cosmetic prices bothers me. I am pretty certain that the quality of the ingredients is not the main driving factor in setting those prices.

    1. It isn't - and they are WAY too expensive. But I do think the expensive lipsticks are better. They have better colour depth, are smoother and have no funny smell or taste. Not so with balms and glosses (which I wear more these days), with those the cheap ones are just as good.

  2. Blending lippies is always a good thing. i use up the pinkish ones like this - works well.

  3. Nice to have a multi-tasking cosmetic in your purse!
    I don't wear make-up anymore, not even lipstick since my lips have enough natural colour on their own.
    I used to like the berry colours and Avon had an Iced Watermelon that looked okay on me, I still have that one, it's hardly been used at all.
    I don't like the new nude lipsticks, I'd prefer to see a bit of colour. But never that awful orangey-red. Or fairy floss pink.

    1. That fairy floss pink I call "soap opera pink"



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