Feb 2, 2014

Sunday Selections #157

It's time for Sunday Selections!
Sunday Selections is a weekly meme hosted by River at Drifting Through Life. 

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to River somewhere in your post
3. leave a comment on River's post and visit some of the others who have posted and commented: for example:
    Andrew at High Riser
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This week it's random again.

Apologies if I've posted a couple of these before; I can't remember whether that was here, or on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook. Anyway it's still 35 degrees in my house and I'm too hot and weary to check.

This is how my daughter insists on wearing a jacket. And hair over her eyes too. So frustrating. I'll be telling her to stand up straight next.



A rainy night in the city back in winter. How long ago that seems now.


Zener cards I made for M.

My little niece's gorgeous chubby foot

These lovely sea creatures were painted by the girls when they were in daycare and they've been blu-tacked to the bathroom wall since then. I have just taken them down, in case visiting little friends might tease over them - and I only felt a tiny bit sad for a short while.

Something tells me the kids found the Nutella.

A gadget from A's spy kit: a tiny receptacle for secret messages.
What message did she write for me?

Meanwhile, things are quiet at M's hamburger restaurant.


While the last few governments have been racing to the bottom on treatment of asylum seekers, church signs like this one are a welcome sight.

This is St Paul's Cathedral on Flinders Road. I took this just before Christmas, but the banner is still there (and will be for some time, I think). You can read about it here.

I'm not a religious believer at all, but I do like it when churches focus on humanity and looking after people instead of moralistic guff.
The Dean said: “I am convinced that future generations of Australians will judge this policy for what it is: inhumane to those seeking our protection, and demeaning to Australia as a nation. These actions will not only be judged by our children and grandchildren but by God himself. Christ's judgement will be based on a simple measure: 'What you have done to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you have done to me' (St Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 25 verse 40).”   (Link)


  1. Lovely collection. Love those little toes.

  2. Beautiful photos, I love the rainy city street and the tiny hamburger restaurant.
    I want to cuddle the cat...

  3. Such nice comments from Delores and River.

    The last time my mother spoke sharply to me was about 15 years ago when I was wearing a jacket tied around my waist. Flinders Road? You really were melting.

    1. Oops - Flinders STREET of course.
      My kids have just started with the jacket round the waist but I don't mind as I used to do that too and it was SO COOL

  4. Love when religious organisations get it right too.

    1. They get enough wrong that it's easy to forget they do some good too.

  5. Great photos Jackie, love the Sylvanian burger restaurant, obviously! Did smile at the secret message too - big into spies here at the moment x



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