Jul 8, 2013

I must confess... I love your blog

Oooh, tricky. I've been looking for a linky I can get into for some time, since a couple of my favourite ones wound up, and have decided to try out this one.

The linky is "I Must Confess..." by Kirsty at My Home Truths, this week hosted by Rhianna at A Parenting Life.

But, I suppose fittingly enough for a confession theme, this week's topic is a bit difficult.

It's "blogs you love".

I like lots of blogs, but I can't list them all here. I also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or have anyone whose blog I read think I don't like it.

(Fact: if I read or comment on your blog, I like it).

My blog reading and tracking is also a bit of a mess at the moment. Here are all the ways I am following blogs at the moment:

  • updates on my Blogger dashboard
  • blogs I've liked on Facebook
  • blogs I've subscribed to by email
  • blogs I catch up with via Twitter
  • blogs I've followed on Bloglovin
  • blogs I've linked to on Networked Blogs
  • clicking on blogs listed in my sidebar
  • clicking on blog shortcuts I've saved to my phone's home screen
  • clicking on links I've saved to my browser favourites

So I'm a bit all over the place, and not all the blogs I follow/like are even listed on my sidebar.

I'm also not going to list ALL my favourite ones here - it would take too long. So here are just a few, that I tend to read most often.  In no particular order:

Cranky Old Man - Joe worked in finance and is cranky, so I relate to a lot of his thoughts. He is also prolific, posting every day and always good, funny, thoughtful stuff.
 You Learn Something New Every Day - I really like this premise (as it's true) and the way Emily has structured her blog, each post reminding us of this simple, pleasing fact.
My Unwelcome Stranger - Denis blogs about life seen through the lens of living with serious illness. As he is also a historian his blog is beautiful with memories, culture and history, as well as general observations. 
A Patchwork Life - Tracey does beautiful crafts and takes equally beautiful photos, making me realise for the hundredth time how crap I am at photography. She is also often parenting alone - like me!
 Adventures of a Middle Aged Matron - Anna writes about life as a vicar's wife and parent to teenagers and her writing is absolutely top-notch. Lovely blog.
 AMFYOYO - Meggsie's blog is simple, very well written, and great. She doesn't write as often as others, but every post is a gem. She's also honest in a real way, with complaints about her husband and kids that make you gasp, laugh and nod all at once. Great reading.
The Plastic Mancunian - makes me snort out loud. Read his latest on email.
Blurb From the Burbs - come back, Kath!
Princess Pandora - life from a (usually) different perspective to mine
Decoding the New Economy - the kind of economic analysis I love

Blue Milk, Science of Mom, Caro and Co, Life in a Pink Fibro.... but really, I must stop.

What are YOUR favourite blogs? 
(Apart from this one, of course..!)

Link up to A Parenting Life here

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  1. I am loving this link-up, finding lots of great new blogs to read! Thank you :)

    1. Likewise! I really need to get my blog readers organised, maybe this will be the catalyst.

  2. Thanks for joining in Jackie, my blog following is a bit like yours as well, all over the place and hard to keep track of. Though I didn't realise till I started my post for today just how all over the place it was. Love all the blogs you have mentioned here, some are new to me so off for a bit of a look

    1. Great! Glad to introduce new readers to these. Thanks Rhianna

  3. Thanks for linking up with, what look like, some great blogs there. I haven't had a chance to go into them all and there are some that I have heard of but can't wait to hop across to the others and see what they have to say !
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog !
    Have the best day !

  4. I agree, my liking of blogs is all over the place too, and I think that's partly because of all the different 'ways' to like something. I wish there were a more universal 'follow' button to keep things simple!

    1. I know right? Because I can't decide which way I like best, I'm all over the place and not sure which way I like to follow best. I guess there are worse problems in the world, but STILL.

  5. My blogs live in a range of spots too! I keep thinking I will tidy them - but nope, just keep flitting between programs!! Great list though - I can see I'll be adding more to my growing list from here too!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  6. Always interesting to see what others rate as great reads. Lots of interesting ones here - I look forward to a good peruse!

    1. Thanks Lani. Agreed - I'm looking forward to checking out some of the ones others have suggested.

  7. A great list, and a few I'll have to go and have a nosey at!!

    1. Thanks - hope you like them. I'll check out your list too. It's always good to get fresh reading ideas

  8. More blogs I haven't heard of but need to find out more!! Blogs are so addictive. I follow blogs all over the place too, I forget sometimes who I have followed.

  9. Thanks so much Jackie, feel the same way about you...possibly sounds a bit odd, but you know what I mean!
    Thanks too for feedback on the loo roll animals, love any suggestions you might have to make the instructions clearer/easier to follow.

    1. Thanks Tracey! Oh don't worry, your instructions are fine - it's my craft talent that's lacking!! We got there in the end and even though ours were a bit wonky the girls loved them :)



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