Jun 9, 2013

Cat Beds: the saga continues

Last month I wrote about my cat's failure to appreciate her new cat bed.

If you are a cat owner (or a reader of cat memes) you will not be surprised to learn that things have not changed.

While Tia does quite like her cat bed sometimes, those times are few and far between.

She still roams the house mewing pitifully when she can't find a spot to her liking.

She still loves to sleep on our laps, on my laptop keyboard, on my newspaper or on the girls' homework books, or indeed on any soft surface other than her designated bed.

Here are some of the places she will sleep:

From the following two options, can you pick which one my cat chose to lie down on?

This doesn't even look comfortable. But she lay here like this for a good hour today:

But at least someone appreciates the cat bed.
And yes, naturally I made him get out immediately. As soon as I had taken the photo, of course.



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