Mar 12, 2013

My Daughter: Diplomat, Wordsmith, Troll

My daughter M has three notable qualities: natural empathy and diplomacy, love of new words, and… a worryingly skillful facility for lying, or as she calls it “joking”. (Don’t worry, we are tackling this on-going).

This morning she brought all three to bear - the little minx.

To set the scene, it is stinking hot in Melbourne for the, like, 109th day in a row or something record-making. We can't remember what it was like before this heat anymore. We wash clothes and hair daily, fill up the little wading pool twice a day for the dog, do the minimum of housework because just moving around induces sweating and fatigue. This has become our world and we accept it. I glumly recall my earlier dismissal of climate change and relegate it to an older, more innocent time... 

Anyway - it's hot. I need cool and comfy stuff to wear because I won't be in an air-conditioned office today but at the kids' school for a couple of hours. After hemming and hawing a little, I pull out a pretty, floaty sleeveless top I usually wear with a pretty, floaty chiffon jacket over the top, and decide to wear it without the jacket.

Me: Bugger it, I’m going sleeveless. (Puts on top; ignores arms in mirror; gets on with morning stuff). 
Me, last minute before heading out the door to the school: Discards sleeveless top, puts on top with sleeves. 
M: Mum, you changed your top. 
Me: Yes, sweetie, I did. Ready to go? (Attempts to shepherd kids out door). 
M: Why did you change it? 
Me: (flounders for “correct” answer, gives up, goes for accurate one): “Uh, because my arms are too fat for it.” 
M: (earnest, solicitous voice) Well I think it looked lovely on you, Mum. 
Me:  Ah, thank you honey! 
M: You looked beautiful. In fact, you actually looked spectacular in it. 
Me: Oh?! 
M: (over her shoulder, out the corner of her mouth): I don’t always mean it, but at least I say it.

Gee, thanks, love.


  1. 1) self-imposed clothing restrictions should go out the window when its over 35.
    2) and can see that the desire to kiss and slap M at the same time.

    Bless - nice post - but seriously, just go sleeveless - what is the drama.

    1. Thanks Pand - I know you're right, but I have put on a lot of weight since my broken arm drama (such a long recovery period, most activity was painful or at least bothersome) and my left upper arm is extra lumpy and soft thru lost muscle definition, so I'm a bit self conscious about it. But yeah, you're right.

  2. Hah! I think when your kid gives you a compliment - no matter if backhanded, you grab it and treasure it!

  3. oh she's good Jackie! None of mine would be so diplomatic - I'd just get asked why the top bits of my arms wobble. But my eldest is a terrible liar - he lies and he's terrible at it! He will swear blind he hasn't nicked crisps from the cupboard, with crisp crumbs down his front and an empty packet under the cushion where he's been sitting. Think boys are often too lazy to cover their tracks! Lovely post x

    1. Thanks! Unfortunately M is a very good liar and even knowing this I find it hard to tell sometimes when she's being honest. Fun times ahead..! :/

  4. Forgot to add - very funny about your son! Cute



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