Dec 3, 2012

Head Lice!!!


Photo by Gilles San Martin via Flickr

Well, we had a good run. The last time the girls had head lice was in daycare about 4 years ago.

They're baaaaack....!

There are head lice going around at school at the moment, and all the kids have been inspected. Mine were both cleared, and I've been checking their heads for the past week, and it looked like we were OK.

Then A started complaining of an itchy head, so I checked again. Nothing.

And again. Nothing.

And again last night.... ah.

A's reaction when I told her the reason for her itchy scalp:

Me fearing Y's reaction when I told him the next morning:

Could be my husband's life philosophy.

So this was 8.30pm last night.

Yes, that's right - Homeland time.

I had no lice treatment at home, because we hadn't had lice in 4 years. I looked up The Internet for home remedies then smothered A's head in olive oil followed by yoghurt, knowing it was doing BUBKUS.

She rubbed yoghurt into my hair as my own head was feeling quite itchy by now.

We had showers, combed our hair and moved M's hairbrush into her bedroom away from ours.

M forbade either of us to cuddle or kiss her or get within a foot of her.

And today, A and I are home, with a bag of reassuringly chemical-filled lice shampoo and defense spray, and Grandma is coming round to keep us company.

Antonis Kanakis - just because.

Happy Monday!


  1. I know I shouldn't be smirking, but I am...

    1. And I'm sitting here with foul smelling stuff and a floral shower cap on my head. SMIRK AWAY CRUEL WOMAN!

  2. They're not huntsmen spiders or cockroaches...

  3. Oooo! Such a drag. The first picture really brings it home. This too shall pass, right?

  4. Absolutely. First world problems and all that!

  5. nooooooooooooooooo not lice!!!
    Get a big pile of DVDs and the biggest container of cheap conditioner you can find and settle in for the hours of combing out nits.... oh how I feel for you!

    1. Thanks Kate. We did the DVDs, and it did take awhile. I THINK we got rid of them - but on past experience, I am not 100% confident. Nasty little buggers to get rid of they are :(



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