Jun 22, 2012

Fiction Fridays: Tales From Everywhere

Tales From Everywhere
Stories selected and rewritten by Mae Bradley 
illustrated by Janet & Anne Grahame-Johnson
World Distributors (Manchester) Limited, 1975

In Maoriland there was once a chief called Kahukura.

I'm cheating a little - my kids are not reading this book. It's one from my own childhood which I deeply loved. As a child my dad was often away on business and he loved to travel; being the 70's there were slide nights and dolls for me and my sister dressed in traditional garb from each country he visited. I was hooked, fascinated with other countries and cultures from almost as far back as I can remember. 

The stories in this book are traditional stories from around the world, each one enhanced by the beautiful and haunting illustrations:
  • The Fairy Fishermen - New Zealand
  • The Swans of Islay - Scotland
  • The Way Things Happen - Mexico
  • The Story of Semerwater - England
  • The Two Brothers and the Little Mother - Australia
  • How the Tribes Began - Nigeria
  • The Dog's Will - Iran
  • The Chatterbox - Russia
  • A Friend for Man - (?Africa)
  • The Story of the White Snake Lady - China
  • The Magic Harp - Norway(?)
  • Hudden and Dudden and Donald McGrath - Ireland

What book from your childhood is special to you?

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  1. Hello Jackie, I love the illustrations, I have an illustrated Alice in Wonderland book from my childhood that is special to me, hopefully my nieces will enjoy it one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting to, comments make my day :) I love the look of your blog

    1. Thanks very much Sharron, likewise!
      Your Alice in Wonderland book sounds wonderful; I bet it has great illustrations too. Thanks so much for visiting!



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