Feb 11, 2012

Fiction Fridays: Big Red Bath

@homedad hosts a meme called Fiction Fridays which is all about showcasing the children's books you are liking, reading or enduring.

My book this week is one the girls have loved since they were three. We recently re-read it and they delighted in remembering all the story and the beautiful pictures.

Big Red Bath

Julia Jarman & Adrian Reynolds, 2004 (Orchard Books)

 Ben and Bella in the big red bath -
"Splash you!"
"Splash you!"
Splish! Splosh! Splash!
Bubbles in the bath.
Water on the floor.
But who's this scratching at the door?
Great things about this book:
  •  good cadence for reading aloud with rhyme and lots of splooshing and splashing
  • the kids are twin siblings like mine; one of their second cousins is also called Ben
  • fantastic pictures with the exaggeration of a kid's imagination: pretending the bath is huge, the water and bubbles fill the room, the bath flies down the stairs, out the house, in the sky, to outer space... and back home
  • all the animal friends are explained in the pictures of the bathroom at the beginning and end of the book: puppy slippers, lion toothbrush cup, giraffe shampoo bottle, etc

Some of the pictures:

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