Sep 11, 2011

September 11th, 2011

I was going to post something off topic about September 11, but decided anything I said would be annoying or irrelevant. Way over here in Australia, what could I possibly say? But I also don't feel like I can post something else and not mention the significance of this day.
My feelings are approximately these:
Heartfelt warm wishes to the people of the US today
After 10 years, it does finally feel (from way over here) as if something has changed, a corner has turned, and things are moving forward in a new way. A decade of fear and war changed our world, but things are feeling a bit different, brighter somewhat at last. I think the death of Bin Laden has helped. The GFC also shifted everyone's focus - nothing like an economic crisis to subvert all others, no matter how powerful!
Here's to a BETTER next ten years.

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