Jul 24, 2011

Mystery Solved

Some time ago, in one of my spasmodic and infrequent (and therefore doomed) attempts to beautify my home, I bought a large pot and some colourful flowers to sit on the porch next to our front door.

It looked like this:

...and I was happy.

But after awhile, the flowers started to sicken, and then the leaves, and despite my best efforts, the pot eventually looked like this:

Vistiors (i.e, my mother) asked occsionally, "Why has that happened?"

I didn't know.

Until, one night recently, I opened the front door in the middle of the night to take out some rubbish, and saw this:


* * *

Joining up with Dr Bron's Pick A Post: the animal one:



  1. Adorable! And worth a few dead flowers....

  2. Ha ha - I showed this to Mrs PM and she loved it. As a cat lover I can't help but marvel at how entertaining they are - even when the price is a pot of dead flowers. We once had a cat that used to eat houseplants - it was only when my dad caught him doing it that we solved the mystery of why it was "shrinking".

    Great post.




  3. Kath - she's worth it because she's adorable, and she keeps us warm in winter, and she sleeps on my daughter's bed which comforts her at night time. But I still miss my pretty flowers...

    PM - Eating houseplants - love it! That would seem strange until the mystery was solved!

  4. Jackie, at least you have the cat to blame. I have to face the fact that I have a brown thumb.

    A lovely short story by the way. :)

  5. Thanks Mila. I have a brown thumb too - I can blame the cat this time, most conveniently!

  6. My bunny does the same thing in our back garden. I honestly thought one of my succulents must be have been a ground creeper. Nope, just squashed flat by a big fat bunny!

    We also have a dead pot plant at the front door - which we need to sort out because the local cats think it is their toilet. Ewwwww.

    1. Oh dear!
      And here I thought bunnies were sweet little things.

  7. I just caught this on pick a post.... and this is quite funny... my garden has not been the same since my beagle arrived... man they are diggers!

    1. My sister had a beagle and that was her experience too. We have a Pomeranian and he doesn't dig but has worn tracks tearing round the garden in crazy circles - also a little trough where he jumps off the deck, there's a permanent dent in the middle of the garden where his feet land.
      Who'd guess a little dog could trash a garden?

  8. Ha ha, obviously comfy!



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