Mar 24, 2011


The human brain is wired to be superstitious. I know this not only because I have read it many times, but also because I have proof.

On Saturday night my husband and I had a "date night". Maybe our second in the five years since our girls were born.
Yes, not very impressive, I know. But the novelty made it very exciting.

So off we set for dinner and a movie. (Like I said, exciting).

Our local version of Lygon Street was jumping. While my husband's instinct is to circle around for a street park and follow pedestrians with keys in their hands or sit in the middle of a thoroughfare with indicators flashing until a space opens up, mine is to head straight for a parking building and then walk the extra five minutes to our destination.

But for once my husband followed my carpark suggestion straightaway - strange lucky break number One.

While I marvelled silently at this, we reached the carpark entrance and saw cars banked up waiting to enter. We tried the second entrance a few metres further down and could drive straight in. Not only that but two metres in a car drove out of a space right in front of us, in an otherwise full carpark - strange lucky break number Two.

We headed to the cinema. We were seeing a brand new movie on its first Saturday night release, in a busy location. We didn't have to line up (much) and got tickets - lucky break number THREE.
(But as an aside WHY are there allocated tickets at the cinema - why?? Seriously I have never understood why).

We headed back to the strip, and chose a newish restaurant. It was full, but as luck would have it... we were given a "reserved" table in the best spot outside while people filing in after us were turned away or propped at the cramped bar inside. Strange lucky break number FOUR.

At this point, I raised the obvious.

We were breaking the rules of nature; taunting the universe. It felt wrong. What was the price? What bad thing was sure to befall us after all these freakish lucky breaks?!

And then I remembered. The full moon. And not just any full moon, but the biggest full moon in years, as Saturday night marked the day the moon would be the closest to the earth in decades.
Was this a good omen, or bad?
Did it counteract our weird luck or cause it?
Either way it seemed to explain things.

So there is my tested, objective, scientific proof of the power of superstition. Despite the fact I am an atheist and a rationalist and I understand coincidence, selective reasoning and the like, even I, dear reader, am prey to the false god of superstition.

When I was trying to get pregnant and when I was pregnant I was also crazy superstitious - even when I knew it was crazy. The slightest, weirdest thing could risk or guarantee conception, or risk or keep safe our babies, if only I believed it was so.

You too?



  1. Hi Jackie,

    I am a believer in balance - for every good thing that happens to me, something bad happens to somebody else (and vice versa).

    Maybe the moon shifts the balance a bit though (as it clearly did for you and hubby).




  2. Nice idea PM!
    That makes me feel better - clearly it was our turn for good stuff and the bad just hit someone else that day! Whew...

  3. How awesome, I'm so glad everything went so well and you had a good time!

    I think it's so important to keep spending time on your relationship, it can get stale so easily.

    Good on you Jackie!

  4. Thanks Jess! Our track record is not very good but we had such a lovely evening we are going to try and do something together on a semi-regular basis in future. If the universe aligns for us again! :-)



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