Feb 7, 2011


My kids' first day of school today - brought all my own school memories flooding back (the usual mix of good and bad).

My girls had a great time and were excited and happy after - but also exhausted and emotional, as both dissolved into tears for "no reason" a couple of times each as the afternoon wore on. A. got very upset over something I can't even exactly recall, and ran to my arms for a full body rocking cuddle until she calmed down. Times like these I fight back the tears as my child is so upset but also draw comfort and calm and strength in her surrender to my comfort and my ability to make her feel better. Is there any better feeling in the world?
Early bed-times were achieved without effort. I was exhausted myself - such an exciting and emotional day.
Here is a good story about mums and kids starting school, courtesy of Mama Mia.


  1. I forget how small they are and how utterly tired they get at the end of the day. When Sapph first started, three of her classmates were given Fridays off in term one to 'recover'!

  2. Kath,
    I am not surprised - on day 2 I am wondering how we are possibly going to make it to end of term 1!



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