Nov 15, 2010

How to Put Off Going to Work

Sit in car at carpark.
Pick up phone.
Play move in online scrabble game.
Check blog. Check friend's blog. Check friend of friend's blog. Read comments on blogs.
Consider updating status on Facebook; decide against it.
Day-dream briefly about high-paying part-time job in suburb near home.
Fret briefly about how to manage when kids start school next year.
Shake self out of unhelpful reveries.
Do make-up.
Re-organize contents of bag. Look for whatever is making it so heavy.
Change into work shoes.
Lock car.
Look at other cars and wonder why people bother to back into carpark spaces.
Go up lift to ground floor of building. Cross forecourt to coffee shop and buy half-litre of coffee.
Go back to lift and to office floor.
Walk in.


  1. Once it starts to get to this, time to seriously consider looking for new opportunities. Sometimes to devil you know really isn't better.

  2. Yes Pandora you are right - I know. Sigh!

  3. And there are many parent friendly, sensible, fantastic paying workplaces out there that don't make you feel like this. Go forth and find.

  4. Thanks Ms Behr - I surely will try



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